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To preface this I was initially going to title this thread as ‘complicated’ because I only started my critique based on the confusing budget. But then it spiraled into me detailing more than that, I thought I’d ask you guys to help me name it as I have no idea anymore and it’s 05:27 :slight_smile: thanks

Heya @robert

So, I’m a Seedrs investor & shareholder and I really did like the message Dozens was sending: we build profit alongside your savings

I was a big saver. I’ve noticed since that to make money and head towards financial freedom you have to be willing to spend some of your savings, but that’s besides the point.

I just downloaded the Dozens app again and I can only say one thing: it’s crowded and complicated

Improvements I think could be made:

  • Remove investments, they’re not live.
  • Simplify your budgets. I have a budget and expenses within that budget, why can’t I just name an expense and then tell you the amount of said expense? I had the ability to add multiple things to a single expense and that’s really confusing.
  • Remove cash savings (I’ll go into more detail on this below)
  • Change roundups. You want customers to have financial visibility - a few days after my transaction settles I roundup to cash savings just clutters the feed. All I want to know is: a) where I spent, b) how much I spent, c) how much it cost incl roundup
  • Add proper savings. Vaults, pots, jars, whatever you want to call it. Use this to replace cash savings. I think you can seriously compete with Pingit/HyperJar if you add this. Especially since you’re going down the route of multiple cards.

I think you could also do with expanding CS hours. As I’ve mentioned before definitely think about partnering with not-GPS if possible too - since you’ve mentioned you can’t bring processing in-house as of right now.

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Thanks for the feedback - we do appreciate it when customers put in this sort of effort to review and share it with us

So here are some answers, comments and feedback:

They’re imminent. We also wanted to ensure that customers understood from the beginning that the Dozens app is about the full financial journey, and that when these are available, they are not “add ons” but integral to our proposition.

It may feel like a long time to those of us who have been in since the beginning (including you if I am not wrong) but we only made the app public in Jan/Feb so it is not that long.

Watch this space.

The new Track look will hopefully address some of this. I am working on some materials about this.

Expenses are meant to be flexible. You could just add a figure, but the idea is to track your expenditure against this. If it is a simple one (e.g. TfL travel) then you don’t need multiple retailers linked to it. However, if it is “Lunch” you might want to automatically include your spend with several local shops, delivery companies, etc. rather than do it manually or have separate expense lines.

Coming in an app update VERY soon - we agree that this clutters the list

I will pass this on to the team. You never know :wink:

I will mention that and see if there are plans - it may well come at some point, but we’ve offered much more than most at our stage of growth normally do, including calls not just chat, so we are trying our best.


Yeah, I can see both sides on that. Ideally, the app would be customisable (I know, devs hate me), so the home page is how you want it, not how Dozens want it. Which would solve the whole investment/no inv on there, plus possibly being able to name the saving part ((not quite a pot system, but small steps).
100pct agree on expenses, at work we’ve adopted the sage suite, and part of that is a really good (read, it can be tweaked to be instinctive) app to log these in, and having that kind of functionality (I get you’re not business-targeted yet, BUT it’s more and more relevant to indies with the gig economy -or even shared households) would be a serious USP.

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Can I ask how you’d do this with lunch though?

You don’t know how much you’re going to spend on lunch every day 100%, especially with a certain retailer.

You do however know your 9.99 for Apple Music is coming out, which is the kind of expenditure I was looking to account for (yknow, fixed expenditure)

I think this needs a lot of clarification by yourselves in its usage - or simplifying.

I think you also need to expand the list of retailers or just let us put our own in there and pinch a few occasionally to add icons to and for the list

Sure, but that is why you create a budget line that you can track. You know you have to buy lunch so you ‘put aside’ a target amount of your income to cover this, so it is not mixed up with other truly discretionary spending.

You then add a few retailers, or the “lunch” category, and it separates your spend from other items.

I will try to demonstrate this soon.

The list becomes populated with those retailers you have used regularly. If you use your card often, not only can you allocate costs in SPEND to your preferred expense line, but the list of retailers becomes more personalised too

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Do you think you could add merchant renaming (with a display name)?

Also I believe if you’re going to keep this line maybe you need to be able to set budgets for each thing and then transfer from one budget to another

Perhaps you could take some inspiration from YNAB?

I believe that this would actually be surprisingly complicated, and we have lots of development projects on the go already, so it may be possible, but I don’t think it will happen in the short term.

Do you mean due to the pending/posted problem?

Actually are you referring to merchant renaming or to YNAB style budgeting?

I was referring to the merchant renaming.

We are working with our partner, Snowdrop Solutions. I am not the expert on this, so I will need to ask internally for details, but while we can certainly add some correction suggestions, I don’t believe that we would open this up for individual ‘renaming’ by customers - but I will find out more for you

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