My transfer to another UK bank seems to have failed

I just tried to transfer from the Spend → Payments screen. Clicked the UK bank payment, added the new payee and when I checked the Spend section again, it looks like I’ve sent and then immediately received the same amount back somehow?

Also I now have two identical payees in my payments screen, the only difference is that one of them has the sort code and account number listed with dashes and spaces while the other one doesn’t, not sure if it’s related.

Hi Jens!

Thanks to the detective work of @Grunter I think I have a solution to your main issue. If you put a “special character” in the payee name field then this can happen. We block these from appearing in the reference field, but some names include unique characters. Unfortunately, while our systems can accept them, some others in the payment route cannot, so these payments get reversed.

Is there a chance you might have used a non standard (for English) character in the name field?

For the payee details, we are aware of this duplication and this should be resolved with the next update of the app (where payee details should no longer get deleted when you log out completely), but I will check it just in case, but it is not directly related to the returning payment.


Yes, that was the problem! I just tried again without the special character and it all appears to be in order.

Thanks for your help, I look forward to the next update :smiley: