Monzo+ (Monthly fee current accounts)

So it looks like Monzo+ has soft launched to an incredibly mixed (meek) reaction.

It got me thinking, if Dozens were to offer a plus account, what interesting things could they offer as part of a paid package that would encourage you to sign up?

I’m hoping we could brainstorm some cool savings based rewards and perks that Monzo, with their savings products being third party/largely crap, couldn’t offer?


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Right now I can’t think of any savings themed products I’d like as a premium offering.

However, in my opinion the baseline of any premium offering from a mobile-based bank should be gadget insurance (preferably including loss and theft cover).



I’d like the idea of fully managed and diversified S&S ISA Portfolios as well as fixed allocation options, Fully Managed Pension Index Funds would be nice to see to.

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Not keen on packaged accounts, as I’ve found that, unless it’s your only product, there will be tons of redundancies, as a lot of companies spread offers on their stuff like butter. And paying three times for the same service is NOT financial savvy. Now, if you were to make it a point based thing, so you can pick and choose, that might make a BIG difference

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Yeah I’ve always been a fan of bolt ons rather then a packaged account filled with stuff you wouldn’t need.

I think pick and choose and build your own monthly fee your happy with, with services you’re going to use.

Very much so, engaged new customers are more likely to boost signal for your service, instead of the usual, ‘‘yeah, I have it free, never used it though’’ :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Dozens doesn’t need to touch any bolt ons/ Monthly fee account as its USP is so strong. There is basically no savings account(either high street or actual bond((That doesn’t have a healthy amount of risk attached))) that I can think of that goes anywhere close to 5% in bond. Monzo was the top fintech and now everybody has caught up and they have run out of ideas and aren’t willing to take a risk or be innovative