Missing transfer

Transferred some money out of the savings account for it to go back into my dozens current account & it’s disappeared from the savings account never credited to the current account, unsure what to do as the transaction screen won’t even open as well, any ideas where this money could be sat are gone to.

Our card processor is not updating balances in the app in a timely manner. The transfer should have gone through fine, but the app may not reflect that.

We’ve just posted about this on twitter and are actively working to fix this

Hopefully we’ll have a resolution for you soon and you will see your balance correctly

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Did you get this notification?


Indeed, we sent out a message to customers in the app and on twitter.

I believe that most issues are fixed now. When we pushed through the updates there might have been some duplicate transactions listed. If so, please log out (profile > log out) and then log in again and the app should be updated correctly

let us know if you still find any issues with transfers, transactions or balances and we can take a closer look - but please contact helpdesk as we cannot discuss individual accounts on the forum

Hello are tranfers still down my balance wont update

Correct, looks like this is not resolved after five days!