Missing transfer issue

Hello to everyone,

I made a transfer into dozens earlier this evening, but it hasn’t yet appeared in my account.

Is anybody else seeing this issue, and is there a known problem at the moment, or is it something wrong with my account?

I have contacted the support team by email, but I would like to know if it’s likely to be just my account or not, so I can help them diagnose the issue.


Hi @Seb there are no known issues so it would be much better to at least try to contact customer service first to try to resolve it rather than diagnose an issue that isn’t there :slight_smile:

Was this from another account, or an internal movement (e.g. from Grow to Spend)? Transfers can take some time, but internal movements should be immediate - but we’re finding the app is not always polling immediately so you can close the app and reopen and it shows. This should be fixed with the upcoming release.

Hi @robert, thanks for replying late in the evening!

It was an external transfer in to dozens from my current account with another bank. It definitely left the other bank, but hasn’t arrived in dozens. I’m aware of the poling issue and tried fully closing and reopening the app.

I have never had an issue like this before, my transfers in do usually always arrive immediately, except once before about a year ago which did turn out to be a system issue (which is why my mind went to this as a possibility).

I have asked customer support via email, I can’t use chat as it’s closed for the night.

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No worries. I’m sorry they’re closed but I’m sure it will get sorted first thing if it has not already arrived by then.

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Thanks, for what it’s worth I have always found dozens support to be very good so I’m confident that it will get sorted (although it is always nerve-racking to have a transfer in no-man’s-land overnight).

I’ll be sure to update them if it actually does arrive, of course.

I do appreciate your help too!


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Usually when this happens to payments (not just to Dozens), I find it usually means that the sending bank is holding onto the money for enhanced/fraud checks.

Under the rules, banks have until the end of the next working day to send a payment (even under faster payments).

Yes, you’re right and that is often the reason they hold onto payments.

I just think it is unlikely as this account already had dozens as an existing payee, it wasn’t a huge amount of money and I saw the notification saying it had gone immediately - as well as it appearing in the transaction list. Usually, if the payment fails to go through, it shows an error. I know it could be held up “further down the line”, but given the history of having the payee registered for ages, etc, it seems unlikely.

Hi @robert

I have just seen the payment arrive at 10:05 this morning, so I suspect that there was an issue at the sending bank and they did hold it up (apologies for blaming dozens)!

I have also let the support team know.

Thank you again!