Missing Money Transfer? Urgent

Hi all. Just tried to make a large (£250) money transfer from my Dozens account to My secondary Monzo bank account to cover the cost of a purchase made on that card. The transfer apparently went smoothly, with the confirmation screen showing that the transfer had successfully went through. However 15 minutes later… No money.

This is unusual as yesterday I also made a transaction from my Monzo account to Dozens and then from Dozens back to Monzo and it went smoothly, so the bank details are correct.

I need this transfer urgently as the payment needs to be made by tomorrow and I do not have the extra money to cover the late fee if missed. Many thanks.

Edit: Also realised that Dozens hasn’t been saving my recent transactions since yesterday. I had a couple charges that I know have been processed but don’t seem to be appearing in My recently spent.

Also a couple other bugs mainly around spending budgets not updating to reflect my actual spending and others but those deserve their own thread.

Edit 2:Yet another issue… Contactless now seems to be broken as I’ve just tried to use my card in a store and it declined every time. Something is clearly wrong in the backend today. Not impressed.

Did you contact support about this.

Hi all! Apologies for silence, but I’ve been at a fascinating conference on Credit Unions today - more on that another time.

I would normally have moved this into a (private) support ticket [we cannot discuss account issues here], however it seems that there are some ongoing issues with our card processor, so it is possible that a number of you will be experiencing similar issues - so leaving this here for now for general reference.

@DanielS447 I cannot say if all your issues are related to this, or maybe something specific to your account. We’re sorry about the issues.

Can I suggest that you wait for the time being (if you can) and hopefully the transactions will display correctly once our partner has resolved the issue. If there is any further issue, you should then email, chat or call with customer service directly.

If it is urgent, then I suggest you contact customer service and they will do what they can (but this issue is currently affecting a number of our systems).

It seems that the technical issue has been resolved and any payment that was held is being pushed through the system.

The fastest way to update the app is to log out (go to the profile button, then click log out). If you log in again or will refresh your transaction list.

I trust that all transactions will appear now.

If you have any issues, please let customer services know

The money did eventually come through 2 hours after I initialised the payment. I guess maybe I was panicking a little because I thought the money was truly gone, but no worries now.

That’s the biggest of my problems solved but there’s still quite a few bugs riddled through the app… Is there any way to submit bug reports? I’d love to help give feedback.

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Great to hear the payments got sorted.

We’re happy to get bug reports however you prefer - whether as emails to customer service, personal messages to me here, or, if they are generic ones that affect everyone, you can definitely share them here as posts in the community so we can all discuss them and maybe get input from other members.

Just beware of sharing any personal details if it is public, so if you need to include private information, the best way is to send it to help@dozens.com and mark it as “bug report” or you can mark it for my attention and I will make sure it is passed on.

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