Merry Christmas 2020!

Just s quick note to wish everyone here a very merry Christmas! I know that not everyone celebrates, but whatever your background I hope everyone has a restful end to the year. And what a year!

Also, a big shout out to @AC, @robert and the rest of the Dozens/ Project Imagine team. This has been a milestone year - I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next!


Merry Christmas @Peter and Dozens Community! :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree:
Wishing everyone a good year end and an even better, brighter future!


Thank you @Peter

Indeed, we wish everyone in the We Are Dozens community, the wider group of customers and all our friends and families everywhere, a marvellous moment of celebration, whatever form that takes this year. I think we all need a moment to pause and take stock, and think of all the people we love.

A personal thanks to you Peter for all your contributions and support this year, and my very best wishes to you and your family.


Merry Christmas everybody!


If I may say, it’s particularly nice to see you posting again @robert, given your recent experience with Covid. I hope you have a great day and a very nice Christmas!