Merchant Account Number

I have just started to pay a local merchant on a weekly basis and wondered if there was a way that I could have my account number with them attached to their details in the Spend area rather then having to delete “sent from Dozens” and put the number in each time. Thanks, R-

Interesting idea - I will pass that on to get some ‘Product’ feedback

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Surly you will then have to delete that account info to send to a different payee?

If left “sent by Dozens” is that not a reminder to change it?

I was asking if the account number could perhaps exist on a per merchant basis. I think Robert got it. R-

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A lot of transactions go out of my account, including 3 for different HMRC services, so a way to differentiate them is essential for me. This is a good idea.

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Noted! Will pass on this suggestion. Thanks!