Meet the team: Rob

One of the best ways to get started in any community is to say hello and post a little about yourself. There’s already a place for that here: Let's get to know each other :)

However, it is only fair if we go first and you get to know a little more about the faces behind the scenes! So, here I am:

Hi! I’m Rob, and I am the Community Manager here.

(me, on a family hike in the Scottish hills)

I’ve been a blogger, conference organiser and community manager with a particular interest in the wine industry for many years, but I’ve also worked with a teaching charity and even a vegetable growing community. I love creating places where folks can get together and share ideas but also help each other.

I live in South East London with my wife and two kids, plus the gorgeous Jenji

At the moment I have a particular interest in renewable energy, having just installed solar panels to help me save the planet and money!

I really look forward to getting to know you too


Big yay for cat people :stuck_out_tongue:


And big yay for solar panels. Must be ace to know some of your electronics are powered direct by the amazing ball of burning gas we call the sun.


Hi @robert. I’ve just received an invitation code from you, and you also suggested to be added to the “Trailblazers” group on this forum. Your profile is private, so I don’t seem to be able to message you, so I’ll just leave a post here. Thanks!

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Looks like the banks of Loch Lomond. Just a stone’s throw from Glengoyne, but a long way from WINE :joy:

Close, it is on the banks of Loch Katrine in the Trossachs, and I brought my wine with me :slight_smile: