Meet the Dozens team in person

We wanted to let the weare.dozens community know first … we’re having an event!!

Date And Time

Thu, 21 March 2019
18:00 – 20:30 GMT

We’ve booked out the community area of our WeWork offices, and we’re also throwing open our office doors to welcome our friends (customers, investors, and even those who are just wondering who we are) come along and meet as many of the team as possible.

We need to know numbers and have you register for wework’s records, so sign up on this link and come and say hi!

As a bonus, @Tor has made me promise to wear my kilt so he had better come along and keep me company!


Wouldn’t miss it for anything, need to support Team Tartan after all :stuck_out_tongue:


Really gutted I’m going to miss this as would love to meet the team… But I’ll be coming in the week after anyways!


If only it wasn’t a ~2hr journey :sweat: (I was almost tempted to arrange to leave work early and make the pilgrimage though :eyes: :joy:)

We will do more, and give more warning. This was an opportunity, but we realise it is a busy time (for everyone including us)

We’ll announce some more soon, and maybe try for some outside of London too

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Dozens on tour sounds like fun :slight_smile:


Just a reminder that this event is coming up on Thursday. There are still a couple of spots left (I think) and it would be great to meet as many of the community in person as we could

Do join us if you can, and spread the word!

You’re in WeWork? Didn’t realise. I was in the Aldgate one, just left funnily enough. There is some potential competitor there of yours, begins with A (don’t remember), did some on-boarding with people there. Funnily enough I decided not to proceed due to some oddities with there approach and systems, stuck with Revolut, until of course I discovered Dozens

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I was keen to come along but I can’t do this Thursday, I’m afraid. Next time? :crossed_fingers:


For anyone who can’t make it to our offices this evening:
The event will be live-streamed (and published for those unable to attend the livestream) on youtube, you can see it here
You can ask questions and upvote/downvote other questions prior to and during the event, just go to and enter code D769

Let me know if any issues with either link.


Sorry I cant come along - look forward to watching it later - enjoy the event everyone!

We’re taking questions for the event later - do check out the board and send us questions. I will be putting them to @AC during the live event


Are there any more events planned in the near future? It’s typical that I’m down in London next week, so literally missed this by about 5 days :smirk:

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Thanks for a great night last night. Good to meet and chat to members of the team, I have every faith in your focus and wish you all the best in your endeavours. I hope there aren’t too many sore heads this morning!:grinning: and am looking forward to getting my AC inspired, apparently, black card.


Yes, was nice evening. Was great to see the passion for their product for real, and that they really are on top of everything and know exactly what they are offering and where it will take them. If I hadn’t invested a bit, I would have done after that. …And if you’re not yet a customer, stay away. I want this cool company all to myself :slight_smile:

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It was brilliant, great chats all around, though I might have to admit I’m rather avoiding bright lights today :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a little thing, what happened to the pics and vids that were taken there? Was quite looking forward to seeing them, but there is still naught on SM…

Good point! I know that the team was talking about photos and videos the other day … let me chase internally - there were some stunning kilted knees on show that deserve a wider audience!


Outside of a wedding or Highland games, I’ve never seen so many kilts in a room, so yes, it needs to be pushed to the world :stuck_out_tongue: