Manual Customer Verification experiences

I signed up on the app about a week ago and my account is currently pending “manual verification”. From other forums, I see this process can take 3 weeks or more!

While this delay may be unavoidable as Dozens builds its systems/processes and capacity, can I strongly suggest you revisit the customer experience here.

At a minimum, it would be good to include an approximate timeline of how long these checks will take.

I understand there is also a waiting list once my identity is confirmed but as someone looking to invest in the Dozens crowdfunding (but wants to experience the app first), it is disappointing to me how long it is taking to even getting to this stage.

I recognise Dozens needs to carry out proper id checks but also worry that the firm will be losing lots of potential customers due to a poor first impression by taking days over something which is generally very quick process elsewhere.

This is imho made much worse by the message in the app saying the compliance team will “get back to you asap” which I find misleading due to the account of time it currently takes.

It would be much better if Dozens accurately managed customer expectations re: this process to avoid people losing interest in the app.

thanks for the feedback. We do understand that this process can be a little frustrating and we’re sorry about this. It was not intended to take this long and hopefully once we’ve got through this current backlog, it should return to much shorter periods.

It is very hard to give you a meaningful timeline for this particular wait. In some cases, if the queue is short, this can literally take some minutes. On the other hand, when we have a backlog , it can maybe take some weeks to go through and review all the necessary details, particularly if we have to ask for additional documents.

We do aim to minimise the delay in onboarding new customers and we are recruiting and training even more staff to take on this task and this is getting much faster so I am sure you will hear from us shortly.

Thanks Rob. I finally joined the queue a day or two ago - so it took me just under 3 weeks.

It would be good if the app Dzens sent some form of notification when this has been done…

Now only a 1000+ people in the queue before me - here is hoping I get access before the crowdfunding ends!:crossed_fingers:

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