Looking forward to our lives after lockdown

If lockdown ended tomorrow and Covid-19 was no longer a factor, would you go back to life as before, or do you plan to do things differently?

  • I want things back as before
  • I plan to make significant changes

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I was out on my, now regular, exercise walk and I found myself thinking …

It has now been almost exactly a year since most of first heard about Covid-19, even if we did not know how it was going to affect us.

Many of us will have been very directly affected by it, maybe because it affected our health or that of our loved ones, or because we’ve lost jobs or dramatically changed our lives, and many of us will still be having to deal with this even today.

Beyond these immediate and direct effects, would you say that Covid-19 has affected your planning for the future, or would you be likely to try to get back as close to pre-Covid “normal” if you could tomorrow?

  • Will you book a beach holiday in the sun and open air, or worry about the environmental impact and spread of diseases from flying around the world, and stay closer to home?

  • Maybe you think it is time to enjoy life today while you can, or maybe put more money into an emergency fund and insurance to cope with an uncertain future?

  • Will you move back to your old flat / area, or do you think work-from-home is here to stay so might as well move to a better location?

  • Will you keep up the regular walks, or do you plan on restarting that gym membership?

These are not mutually exclusive, of course. We can do a bit of both, and I am sure many of us will be happy to stretch our legs and get out of our four walls, but I’m interested to think about whether this experience has changed the way we see the future turning out, and therefore how we might (or might not) try to prepare for it

If you think you’ve changed your plan, can you tell us how?

I plan on being more careful with money!! Not making so many impulse buys and saving more than before


Interesting results so far.

I can see both sides. I can certainly understand the fact that there is a desire to see change is most popular - but I still wonder what that means to you?

I can also appreciate that “just returning to my old life” is still also popular.

This does feel like it is a chance for positive changes to happen. I see more collaboration and a local focus now that we’re restricted to our homes and neighbourhoods.

My own ‘changes’ are:

  • we’re committing not to go on long-haul “holidays” (other than to visit family - that’s different) and to continue to explore the UK and EU only. Why destroy the planet you’re trying to enjoy?
  • we’ve made dramatic improvements to the energy efficiency of our house, including switching to an electric vehicle (not delivered yet)
  • slowly change our diet to include a lot more plant-based food - no dramatic makeovers, but build up habits and favourite recipes
  • … oh, and buy the ingredients without packaging from local shops

Nothing dramatic, but being at home so much has given us time to try to put better habits in place.

What about you?