Looking for Visa testing volunteers

It’s coming! The Dozens move from Mastercard to Visa and also to Clearbank, is already happening behind the scenes.

I’m in the process of approaching a few of you directly, but I also wanted to give members of this group (who are regular participants) a possibility to volunteer to take part in the final testing.

At this stage I’m only gathering names of volunteers

I will collect a list of those who are interested (if any), but the final group will need to be very limited so I can manage it. However, I also want it to be varied enough (in terms of devices, OS, parts of the country, etc.) that it is useful.

I would be particularly keen to hear from women as we generally have lots of men taking part here but I do not want to introduce any undue bias in the testing if I can avoid it, and to also better represent our more diverse customer base.

I can’t yet guarantee I can get you on, but I certainly wanted to ask if you were interested?

What will you be doing?

This test will involve issuing you with a new card to test as much as you can. It will appear in your existing app for now, but we may get you to update this too in time. This will be happening in the next few weeks.

I must point out that it will still be a test group, and although we have done our internal testing, we are still on the lookout for more issues, so while we need you to have a balance on the account, there is a chance that there might be issues accessing this balance from time to time (if you are in the test group only).

Are you happy to take this risk? We promise you we will look after your money!

Priority will be given to:

  • Those with existing ‘Spend’ balances
  • Active account users who have experience of the app (so can spot changes)
  • Those who may have tried various features (roundups, bonds, invest, etc.)

If selected, we will ask you to join a private group to share this feedback with us as quickly and fully as possible. I am afraid I will only be accepting a very few people as this is a limited trial for me to manage and share with the internal developers.

If you are not selected, it is not a reflection on your account usage, but rather on limited numbers.

If you would like to take part, send me a PM to let me know, and please include:

  • Your mobile OS & device details (not your number, just what type of phone you use)
  • You approximate location in the UK
  • Some details of what elements of the app you have actively used in the last few months (even if you don’t currently hold a balance)

I may need to get further details from you if you are invited so as to match up with your Dozens account, but I won’t need that until later, so pleases keep that private, as usual!

I’ll let everyone know if they’ve been selected or not as soon as I can, probably next week, and the dates we will be doing this (it will be a short, but busy period)


Yes please @robert. :grinning:

cool! drop me a note :slight_smile:

I’d be keen, but I haven’t been actively using the Spend function that much, so I’d understand if you wanted to prioritise others.

(I’m also not a woman).

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I didn’t say ONLY women … but I don’t want to have 100 men testing this only to find we missed stuff that would be completely obvious to any woman … there’s enough of that in society already! :slight_smile:

I also didn’t say you had to be using the card right now, but I would like to involve those who’ve been using the card and know how it usually works to compare if it is different/better/worse - but fresh eyes also help

Do please drop me a note and we can definitely chat!


I’ve had a chance to hear from many regular participants and the list of volunteers is rounding out nicely - so thank you all!

Interestingly enough, I’m a little short on volunteers who use the iOS version of the app, so I’m widening the invitation to the community in case there are others who would like to join our testing group.


Yes please. Would love to get involved :+1:


Do drop me a note with your details :slight_smile:

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Thanks all for your patience

So, here’s a little update for everyone to keep you in the loop.

It looks like testing for this group may possibly start next week and will initially involve our new Virtual Cards :tada:

… at least until you receive your brand new Visa branded cards

We still have some internal testing and development to do before we are ready to get you on to this, but we hope to finish that this week.

I have already received, or invited, more people than we can probably cope with on this test BUT there is still scope for being selected if you apply because I am still looking for input from:

  • iOS users
  • non male users (the world is a more varied place than this!)

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the participation from outside London (another way that fintech experience gets rather limited), so thank you already for that!

If you are busy or concerned, don’t worry! I know that this is not YOUR highest priority in the current situation - and in any case, we’ll actually be doing the switch for all customers sooner than you might realise … hence the need for testers … so you’ll get to play with the new cards soon anyway.

Finally, I want to just let you know that the changeover will be staggered, so it is not a big, one-time switch to new cards, app, services, etc. all at once.

We will be focusing on certain key services first and then re-integrating features week by week so that we make sure it is all working as expected. There will, therefore, be some period of minor disruption I’m afraid, but we will be trying to minimise this … and the end result will be that we can bring you lots of the things you’ve been asking for for some time!

thanks for sticking with us :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update, @robert!

Have you let folk know who’s made it onto the list? Or is that a next week thing?

Hopefully a “later this week thing” , but not yet


Ha! Android WINS


Not sure if I’ve put off the apple crowd :slight_smile:

They don’t usually need that much encouragement…


We simply prefer things to ‘just work’ and thus have an instinctive mistrust of anyone asking us to ‘test’ something for them :slight_smile:.


Whatever the cost :joy:

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Team iOS here, you simply can’t beat it for speed, usability and interface design imo. My g/f however is firmly in the Android corner, it’s all good until it’s time for one of us to renew our phone contract, the odd jibe will be thrown in here and there and before you know it, it’s all out war :joy:


Here’s me trying to build a happy team of testers, and I go and start an argument! oops!

I too live in a divided household, but we have agreed not to delve deeply into it in the interests of our relationship :slight_smile:


Nice to see this progressing, will be interesting to see how well it goes. I can’t help with testing as I won’t be in the UK more than a week or two over the next few months.

thank you @daedal - exciting times ahead!

I appreciate that you are travelling, and I had you on the list, but know that this might be difficult

It may be something we can chat about for later in the process as your experience of using the card abroad might also be useful, but in the short term it might make sense to have UK systems tested first

thanks again