Looking for community help with.... Home education (for parents)

Calling all parents! Who’s loving having the kids around. All. The. Time?

Whilst they may wish it was one long summer holiday, the age of digital has made ‘school from home’ a lot easier.

Here’s some online resources, to keep them on top of their learning and occupied whilst you’re getting dinner ready.

Hope this helps! If you’re a parent, what’s working for you? :point_down:


These are really useful - thanks @JuB

We have school Easter holidays starting (or about to start) for most kids as well, so at least they will be missing fewer school days.

I came across two great community activities if you have younger kids and need to take them on a walk -

Rainbow Trail

Bear Hunt

I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more fun stuff


:earth_africa: Top Tip! If you’re trying to learn another language why not use the tools you already have for no extra cost. Change the language of your favourite Netflix shows or check out the foreign film section. https://www.tvguide.com/news/best-international-shows-netflix-hulu-amazon-foreign-language/

For adults and teens, General Assembly are doing a series of free talks and workshops. Ever wanted to learn some Photoshop hacks, or get a better understanding of what it takes to be a Project Manager? Check out their programme to see what speaks to you or share with someone who’s looking to learn. Upcoming Events and Workshops | General Assembly

:woman_scientist:t4: :test_tube:Want a home science lab? TalkSTEM have an free online subscription which gives easy do-at-home STEM experiments that you and your kids can together. Get a daily email with 3 experiments that will get them learning from experience and have a bit of fun :point_right:t4: https://talkstem.org/2020/03/10/stem-activities-for-spring-break-or-anytime/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIm-rqpdL-6AIVTO7tCh0EKQ0nEAAYAyAAEgIp2fD_BwE

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