Looking for community help with… having some fun!

This one is purely for those looking for a bit of fun. There’s a lot of really uplifting content out there so if there’s anything that’s put a smile to your face or a pep in your step, please share it on here.


What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen this week?

Quiz time!

Who thinks they can find all 27 Figures of Speeches hidden in this illustration?

We shared this around the office chat and we got some ‘creative’ responses :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve only managed to get 12 so far :face_with_monocle: I think these are right though :nerd_face: :sweat_smile:

  1. Hit the nail on the head
  2. Earworm
  3. Time flies
  4. Kick the bucket
  5. Putting all of your eggs in one basket
  6. An ace up your sleeve
  7. Spill the beans
  8. You’ve gotta break a few eggs to make an omlette (not sure on this one)
  9. Born with a silver spoon in your mouth
  10. The cherry on the cake
  11. Cat got your tongue?
  12. Wearing your heart on your sleeve

Great use of the ‘hide details’ tool :slight_smile:

It would be nice if others did the same, or use the ‘spoiler’ option like this

If you want to know how - feel free to ask me (but essentially you highlight the text and click the gear icon above to select the appropriate tool)


Nice one! Number 8 is almost there… have you got any more?

Here are my 27:

  1. time flies
  2. wear your heart on your sleeve
  3. play your cards close to your chest
  4. cat got your tongue
  5. hit the nail on the head
  6. got it in a nutshell
  7. keeping all my eggs in one basket
  8. getting cold feet
  9. earworm
  10. kick the bucket
  11. Ace up your sleeve
  12. Spill the beans
  13. cherry on top
  14. born with a silver spoon in your mouth
  15. Child at heart (not sure about this one) or shadow of former shelf
  16. don’t get your fingers in a knot (not sure about this one)
  17. caught by the skin of the tail
  18. pale as a ghost
  19. Can’t make an omelet without breaking an egg
  20. piece of cake
  21. a red herring
  22. birdbrain
  23. put your best foot forward
  24. your story has more holes in it than Swiss cheese
  25. Shoe on the wrong foot
  26. from rags to riches
  27. everything was handed to you on a sliver platter

Maria, you’ve got loads! Have a re-think of 5/16/17-19/22 and 24. You’re in the lead though!

I was trying to figure them out around doing work yesterday :smiley: but tried having another look this morning and really couldn’t figure out any more of them, so I caved and looked at Maria’s guesses :joy: She did really well! Some of the ones I missed feel kind of obvious now that I’ve seen them :man_facepalming:


I bet they are all obvious once we know them!

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Count how many you got and check out the answers below :point_down:

I am kicking myself for some of them! How well did you do?

1. In a nutsehll
2. Piece of cake
3. Cherry on the cake
4. Bald as a coot
5. A screw loose
6. Stiff upper lip
7. Born with a silver spoon in your mouth
8. Ear worm
9. Keep your cards close to your chest
10. Joker in the pack
11. Ace up your sleeve
12. Heart on your sleeve
13. On a silver platter
14. Spill the beans
15. Big cheese
16. Red herring
17. To tie the knot
18. Put all your eggs in one basket
19. Walking on egg shells
20. Shadow of your former self
21. No room to swing a cat
22. The cat’s got your tongue
23. Kick the bucket
24. Pull the bucket
25. Cold feet
26. From rags to riches
27. Time flies


:iphone: Psyche! Has to be one of the best social distancing apps I’ve played with my friends so far. It’s an interactive quiz that works in real time to test who knows each other better/ can come up with the funniest answer. I would recommend playing with 4+ players: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wb.goog.ellen.psych&hl=en_GB

ahah good one!
We got with my team at work 17 correct ones at the end :wink:

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Nice team work! Let’s see if you beat your high score in the net one :muscle: