Let's get to know each other :)

Hi there :smiley: welcome to the #wearedozens community

I’m Katja (that’s me on the right!), one of your community managers :slight_smile:

You’ll see me popping up all over the place - I’m here to help whenever you need me.

A bit about me - i live in Hackney with my two kids and one husband :wink: I really enjoy staying local on the weekends and walking in the marshes.

Now let us know a bit about you! What makes you tick?


Hi, I’m Tor, and right now what makes me tick is caffeine, ALL OF IT.
At the moment I’m in DIY hell too, as moving back to central London and not quite on schedule. (@Dani , still having fun or at the ‘‘it was a good idea at the time’’ stage yet? :stuck_out_tongue: )


Hi, I’m Harrison, How is everyone! :slight_smile:


Hi I’m Charlie, i like food, but don’t we all? I mean its definitely not an essential at all :grimacing:. Tehehe, i live at home with me parents, siblings and cats, then just sleep and go on the Xbox really :man_shrugging:. I shall look forward to getting involved in the community :facepunch::v:


Hi, I’m Helen

What is everyone up to this evening ?


Hello cinders, I am up to a lot! very busy weekend coming up! Hope all is well. Enjoy your weekend!

Thank You Harrison

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Stuck on a work project, so of course procrastinating and doing anything but. And considering a seriously large pizza order, because that’s brain fuel, right? :stuck_out_tongue:


hi my name is eve14 nice to meet you all here

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hello @eve14 - great to have you join us here. Can you tell us more about your plans and goals? What might the dozens community be able to help you with?

Perhaps reading feedback ideas from others also good rates

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Hello Eve waves

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hi hope its a good friday not black

a very good point … as someone in the middle of house-refurbishments I believe Black Friday should be approached with caution. There may be actual deals out there on stuff you really need - but they can be hard to find among the very loud marketing.

I assume you’ve not been tempted to part with your savings?

Black friday, like all these over-marketed days, is one where caveat emptor definitely applies. It’s not that hard to check price history, and yet, retailers still think that pulling the ‘‘sudden raise before the event, then drop back to normal’’ trick works. Ah well. looks at orders and makes that slightly hypocritical face :stuck_out_tongue:

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No as i think with sales looking online lots could be old stock i never buy whats not needed

Yeah, really depends what you are looking for. When it comes to stuff like white goods and the like, not a biggie, as they don’t evolve that fast, but for mobiles and the rest, you really are just getting a price reduction that would happen anyway as the next gen has already downgraded them.

YES Its not like apples is going to reduce a new phone

It’s funny, their 2018 range is doing so badly sales wise that they’ve started producing the old X, saving face by saying it was to fill a contract with samsung… Seems they are indeed losing the war and that people are realising they’re the emperors new clothes :stuck_out_tongue: