Keeping your account safe - What is Money Muling?

We’ve recently had some questions from customers, and also from investors on the Seedrs forum, about issues around online ads that promise sums of money in exchange for simply sharing your account details.

We thought it was important to warn customers about this issue as it can have serious consequences, and can also be upsetting for those who get caught up in it.

If you come across ads or posts that ask for account details, please report them.

In addition, Dozens will never ask for account details on social media, and that is why we cannot answer account-specific queries via those channels and always ask you to contact our customer service team to ensure we authenticate you and keep your account safe.

We’d be interested in your thoughts and experiences on the issue we describe here - Money Muling


That would ring alarm bells for me straight away - but I fully appreciate that some will be either tempted for a quick buck, or be drawn unwittingly into the trap. Thanks for posting. R-

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