JustGiving does not accept dozens card


Recently I have tried to use my dozens card to sponsor friends via the JustGiving website, however it seems they don’t accept dozens debit cards. On both occasions (weeks apart) I received the following error:

Sorry we couldn’t add your payment card right now. You can still make your donation using another payment method

Anyone else had issues with JustGiving?

In fact I have had the same issue and raised it internally.

It seems that JustGiving use an outdated list of BIN (Bank IDs) and have not recognised ours which is relatively new.

I will chase again because this should not happen, but it is out of our control as far as I know.

If anyone else finds a similar issue on another site, please let me know and I can chase them.

@Pinuk if you could raise this with JustGiving, it might help? I’ve just done it myself (as a donor and fundraiser) but it might help if they heard this from more than one person?

There’s a help article on “I’m having trouble making a donation…” that doesn’t actually help … but links to a form where you can give them more details.


Skimming money off your donation might be a bit more justifiable if they were using it to stay on top of details like these… :frowning:

Ok, will raise this with them. Another push can’t do any harm!

@dan_g you ain’t kidding :rofl:

Reported it and received a useless reply that they couldn’t see any payments made on my account by debit card. Obviously not as the payment was rejected :joy:

I’ll have a go at responding.

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I got something similar (“try clearing your cache or use a different card”)

I insisted it was escalated to someone who deals with the payment processing, so :crossed_fingers: