It Seems You Can Now Browse Investments!

Looks like there’s been some work being done on the “Invest Tab” :eyes: :eyes:

You can now browse investments, choose a risk appetite (out of 5) and have a look at the “strategies” to invest in.

Only thing I would say is that there are no options for a 1/5 risk appetite - this may be deliberate but just thought I’d raise it.

Also I’m guessing this isn’t “live” yet as I can’t “invest” any money as yet.

Looks very slick though!


That’s been available for a short while now (based on the topic I found, about a week or so) :slight_smile: Been some comments on it over here

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Ah! Thanks for the link - I thought I’d share the pictures as hadn’t seen much about the “Invest” page as yet!

Do we have a date when this will go live? I’d like to get into it a bit more :slight_smile:

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I don’t recall seeing anything about a go-live date for it.

:soon: I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

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NOOOOO… don’t bring that :soon::soon::soon: over here!