iOS - Payments not using auto fill?

First time I’ve used payments to transfer money back to my main account but I would expect it to be able to use auto fill to populate the payee details. For this screen shouldn’t it be able to fill First name and Last name automatically?

And on a later screen why does reference have to be at least 6 characters?

For the first one, what do you mean by “main account” in this instance? Do you mean to an account with another provider? You are creating a new payee, so I’m not sure how is the app supposed to know it is yours? Or have I misunderstood?

For the second, the 6 character minimum is enforced upon us by our payment partner but it makes sense since it encourages the use of meaningful references that can help to differentiate payments and locate them when we need to follow up on any reported issue.

Transferring it back to Monzo :wink:

Where my name is shown as Colin Robinson at the bottom of the screen shot I’m sure I’ve seen it only display Colin for first name fields before and then displaying Robinson when tabbed into surname field. Does that explain it better?

Ah! I see.

AFAIK that is an iOS / local issue and not anything to do with the app. If you’ve typed this in before here then the phone would maybe know to autocomplete this way. However, maybe it requires us to do some work to flag that this is a form - I will raise this just in case


Thanks @robert, now get out and enjoy the Easter :hatching_chick: sunshine!


Hers an example of what I mean: