Invitation to an "Open door" in Maida Hill - come and say hello

As you will probably know by now, Dozens has taken a space just off Harrow Road in Westminster in the area known as Maida Hill.

Our objective is to get in touch with the local community and to explore the links between financial services like ours and peoples’ everyday lives - particularly when it comes to reaching those who are not as digitally connected.

If you happen to have the time and you are in the area, you are welcome to pop in and say hello! We are not there every day, and sometimes will have events planned, but occasionally we will just throw open the doors and be happy to welcome anyone who can make it.

Come and say hello and keep me company!


When is the open day?

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The first one linked here was this week (Tuesday), but we will have another one shortly. Keep an eye on our Eventbrite page (link above) if you fancy coming along. Are you in the area?

No am in Brighton. I open a dozen account more than 3 months ago and still have no news from dozen team. Is that normal?

Definitely not - but there could be many reasons for this and we can’t discuss individual accounts here - would you mind emailing I’m sure we can resolve this for you straight away.