Investment Bonds

Do we have a rough date when these will be available @robert or is there any more info we could tease out of you at this stage?

Is the image I nabbed at the time still current?

We had a good look at the image at home today and was quite excited by the potential of combining the social responsibility and green bonds together to make something diverse, yet highly ethical.

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hey @Codf we have hit some glitches with the isa wrapper for these that we want to get right before putting these live… almost there and hopefully well in time for isa season (which was our stretch target datewise for this when we started building, so yay).

have asked the team to explore putting it live in stages, ie explore portfolios right away so you can plan for your isa allocations (its all min £1k and no max) and then the Tinder-inspired risk assessment (so you dont have to guess where you fall), followed by the buy journey in the end.

@robert will keep you and the trailblazers posted, thanks for asking :slight_smile:


and some nice eagle eyed work there, as always! :wink:

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beaten to the answer by @ac while researching dates … but now you’ve heard it from him directly

I’m playing with a tester version at the moment :star_struck: and keen to see it out there as well - this is my first chance to do anything “Tinder-inspired” :sweat_smile:

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@AC / @robert

I briefly remember discussing / reading that this area would only be available for those that have a 3 or (might have been 6) month ‘rainy day’ fund saved up. (Great idea imo - should be encouraged!)

Did we ever confirm if this had to be held in Dozens? This area interests me the most out of the whole offering and I’m keen to take a good look at it!

You don’t miss a thing eh! :slight_smile:

Thats our intent for sure - but am going to ok the go live with manual answers rather than the inbuilt check as 1) I really want this live in time for ISA season and want to reduce dependencies and 2) its a bit premature and presumptive of us to do this from day one, when we know people will take time to get balances up with us. so if we force it down, they will simply game Track which defeats the purpose.

So, for now, no need for 3-mo savings in dozens, but aiming to converge to that at right moment for sure.


First and only, hopefully @robert :wink:

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Thanks AC.

I have no further questions your honor.

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Ok maybe a suggestion though…

A splash page on the investment tab for first time visitors that discusses the importance of a Rainy Day fund would be a great place to start and a nice stop gap before (if ever) introducing a hard stop.

Will reinforce the dozens ethos of caring about your consumers pockets as much as your own.


Seeing as we are looking at an ISA wrapper for the investments (I’m guessing an S&S ISA?)

Would it be possible to have a “Dozens S&S ISA” that takes into account all of the investments you could have with Dozens that fit into S&S?

Say for instance:

  • £500 in the 12 month Dozen Bonds; and
  • £500 in the “Investment” Section

I feel like needing to have multiple ISAs would just be a huge pain and not to mention could confuse customers as you are only able to fund one of each type of ISA at any one point.

Or is this not even possible?

It will be just the one ISA. Did we communicate this wrongly somewhere?

Until now, I don’t think I’ve seen or heard any mention one way or the other, nor have I seen anyone ask until @JustJordds today. I may have missed it being mentioned somewhere though :man_shrugging:

Turns out I have one more scenario based question regarding your fees.

Say I pick 5 bond categories in my S&S ISA and invest £1000 in each. Hypothetically after month one, 3 of them are up 6% and two are down 4%

Is the Dozens 0.5% fee only chargeable on the bond categories that are making a return/profit (i.e. the 3 at 6%), or is it going to be based on the total sum of the overall ISA including both the ups and the downs because overall the ISA is up?

Does that make sense, I feel like I’ve explained it poorly…?

Think you are mixing up ETFs and Bonds there.

The fixed-interest ‘Trust’ Bonds in Save will just return a 5% pa of course so no issues there.

Each ‘portfolio’ in Invest will be linked to a goal, with target amount, time etc. These can be thematic ETFs or possibly some bonds (all with capital at risk). Fees will be calculated for each Invest portfolio/goal separately so if you had five portfolios/goals, you only pay platform fees of 0.5% pa all-inclusive on the days that your portfolio value is higher than total invested amount for that portfolio/goal. So on days when any portfolio is lower than its invested amount, that one won’t accrue fees, irrespective of how your total ISA is doing. Fees will be charged monthly on a retrospective basis.


I did mean ETFs and not bonds. It’s been a long night!

Thanks for answering and deciphering my question.

No, no miscommunication I just don’t think I’ve seen it mentioned anywhere and just wondered whether it would be a Dozens account inclusive ISA or a separate Invest ISA if that even makes sense.

All cleared up now anyway thanks!