Invest with Dozens

I’m super excited to get involved with the Invest section of the app. I’m not sure when the planned released date is for all Dozens customers (maybe you have an answer for this??) but I wanted to know if any pilots were planning to be run with a select group of customers? If this was the case I would definitely like to put my hand up :raising_hand_man:

Secondly, is the longer term plan to stick with ETFs, or eventually offer share dealing, CFDs etc? :money_with_wings:

Thanks :smile:

Thanks for volunteering - appreciate the enthusiasm

At this stage we do not have plans for launching features to limited groups of customers. We do internal testing but not (yet) with customers.

I think that as we get all parts of the app launched and public we will then be able to maybe look at creating testing and feedback groups here in the community as well for refinements or designs.

I imagine I would be in touch with those who are most active here in the community to see if you’d like to join any such group when it happens :slight_smile:

Regarding the products, the plan at the moment is to concentrate on ETFs but this might develop in time. However, I would say that our objective is to help customers INVEST for their future rather than try to offer lots of (potentially risky) products or services for the sake of it, so we would carefully review any new kind of product we chose to add.

Out of interest, I’m not sure if this has been mentioned before, would how socially responsible a product is be factored into the review process? I won’t have the funds available to participate in the INVEST part of the app for a while yet, but if I did I’d personally like to have some level of assurance that I’m only investing into socially responsible products :slight_smile:

The Clean Energy and Ethical options look interesting, if potentially a little pricey

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Hey @joshylambo - I was trawling the community for invest related questions for the next AskAC and I came across this topic

Have you had a chance to take a look at the newly launched Invest section?

We’ve got more options coming, but it is now live and we’d be keen to get customer feedback, so if you are still keen to check it out, we’d love to hear your impressions.

Hi Robert, sorry for the radio silence in the last couple of months. Been pretty busy period for me personally and professionally.

Had a play and invested! I think it’s fantastic and the user experience is excellent. I have similar products with Moneybox and HSBC which have their own slight variations, but I really think this stands out. I particularly like how the investment products (ETFs) are bucketed into UK Ethical, Cybersecurity etc and within those sections you can see how the fund is split out. Also, you’ve done a great UX job on understanding customers risk appetite. This is been really tricky at other financial institutions but this felt very painless. Although I am a relatively seasoned investor, I think start to finish, it was excellent. I would be interested to know how less experienced customers might find the journey?

Also - what is the future product development looking like for the Invest section? Is there a thought that , for more experienced investors, ETFs could be a little bit more tailored, ie a combination of infrastructure, robotics and UK ethical for example? Or have you purposely set this up in this way so it is less complex?

Great job, worth the wait and thanks