Interested in dozens events?

The aim of our app is to help everyone manage their financial life. We want to make sure we’re delivering on this promise by attracting a broad demographic of customers early on. To ensure whatever your money situation, wherever you are in the UK, however digitally savvy you are, dozens is able to help you manage your money better.

That’s why we’re planning events that get us chatting to, and learning from, as many people as possible. For example, next month we’re visiting the Northern Regional College in Northern Ireland, a community group in Hull, and University of West of England, in Bristol.

We’ve had such great input and energy from this community that we’d love to get you involved in these events and meet you in person. So we wanted to ask, could we come and visit you and organise an event for your community? Are you part of a local organisation who’d be interested in a visit from us? Or perhaps we could we set up shop in your local pub or cafe (and buy drinks for all the customers as a thank you!)

I’m working with @hannah and @Julia and others on our team to put together some ideas and an itinerary and we’d love to chat to you about your ideas.

Any suggestions/introductions/connections would be hugely appreciated.


Looking forward to meeting some of you over the coming weeks and months!

Let us know your ideas and suggestions, and we’ll do our best to make them all happen. Although please remember that whilst @robert may appear to be a superhero, there may be some limits on what we can do…!


I’d love to see a meet-up somewhere in the Midlands. There are plenty of meeting spaces at Warwick University - maybe you could set something up there? :+1:


Why not visit the Milton Keynes (city of round about ) :slight_smile:
I would love to join the events.


What about my tiny little town of Newbury? :stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding, we’re a bit too small to be worth your time coming here. But Reading is nearby, perhaps one there could be cool? :slight_smile: