Industry awards and getting noticed

I guess we’ve all taken note of a product’s reviews when deciding what to download or where to visit, but who is writing those reviews?

How often do you review the apps, products or destinations that you use?

Which of us has the time to review or rate everything we purchase? However, when we are deciding, we can certainly be influenced by others’ reviews in the app stores or in magazines, so it is important that these are as fair as possible and as many users as possible rate their experience.

The fintech world itself is full of awards and reviews, so consumers get a lot of information about “ratings”. Some of these are based on reviews by experienced judges or journalists, but many are consumer reviews. This usually means that the largest brands get the most reviews and votes, and also the most coverage.

Support the brands you love

Like many other new brands, these reviews and awards are particularly important to help us spread our message and share our story to a wider audience.

We’ve been incredibly proud to have been voted one of the Top 25 startups in the UK for 2019, and to rate so highly in industry reviews. But we still need your help!

Right now, there’s an award for “Disrupters” (or should that be Disruptors?) in fintech, and we’d love to think that our business model has made people think differently enough to qualify. The winners will be based not just on the views of a panel of experts, but on customer votes … and we need your help.

We’d love it if you could vote for Dozens in this poll and help us spread the word

Votes need to be in by August 6th, 2019 to count

Thanks so much!


Tis done. R-

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Thank you kind sir

Bumping this topic to thank you (and the judges) for your support.

The results of the “100 FinTech Disrupters” were announced recently and despite it being very early days for Dozens, we have been listed at number 41, well above some very well established FinTech names.

We’ve previously gained recognition from the industry, but it is much harder to do well on votes like these where the volume of public votes also counts since we are still young, so we really appreciate that many of you must have given us your support.

Thanks again!