Incorrect Bid Amount in the Dozens Bonds Email

I’ve received the “Your bid for Dozens Savings Plc’s bonds” email today, but it shows an incorrect bid amount. Initially I thought that I made a mistake when I putted the number in the box, but I can see the pending bonds in the app shows a different amount than the one in the email, so I’m pretty certain the bid amount in the email is wrong.

You are not alone there are other comments in the bonds thread.

Yes, apparently so. I’ve contacted the customer service via the in-app chat, and been told the same thing - they will check it with the payment team.

@robert the success email has the wrong amount in.

The email I have says “Your bid amount of £500 plus the 5%…” however when I look in the app my bid is more than that.

that’s strange - I will raise this to the team, but can you drop a note via in-app chat so they can look at your account details as I have no access to this

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Ed said he’s going to get someone in the payments team to have a look at it

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Just actually read my own email and I have the same, email says £500 which does not reflect the actual bid which was larger.

Yep. My email also has the wrong amount

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apologies for this - the team is looking into this and I hope to have an answer for you shortly

phew its not just me :pleading_face:

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Yes, same here, thanks Robert for having it looked into. The app is correct so hopefully just an email issue.

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Yes, agree, and quite relaxed about it as a result. :grinning:

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For those keenly tracking the intricacies of the issue… my bid for <500 shows the correct amount in email…

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Same, plus it’s telling me I’ve put it into a S&S ISA :scream:

Interesting, just reread my email and don’t see any mention of GIA or S&S

I also see two different amounts. In my case the email notification amount is £100 higher than what’s reported in the app for bond with end date 01 Apr 22.

Also, I’m not 100% sure but I have a suspicion both numbers may be different to what I actually bid. This is based on an answer to a customer support question I had earlier in the month. The question I posed was how much will my ISA subscription increase if my current bid is successful? The answer I was given is higher than the values in both by bid success email and the value shown in the app for the 01 Apr 22 bond.

Another problem with my email is it isn’t reporting that my bond is inside my ISA. In prior months my bid success emails contained the text: “We can confirm that this has been invested as part of a stocks and shares ISA and therefore will contribute to your annual £20,000 ISA allowance” This latest one doesn’t.

@robert is it possible to start issuing emails when bids are placed so that we have a permanent record of bid amount and whether the bid was made within ISA or GIA?


I didn’t pay much attention to the rest of the email, but you are right, the email I received also includes this:

We can confirm that this has been invested as part of a stocks and shares ISA and therefore will contribute to your annual £20,000 ISA allowance.

I’m pretty sure that is also a mistake.

Apologies to everyone who was affected, and thank you all for raising this.

There was an error in the email file only, not the bids themselves.

Your bids were received, processed and allocated (or rejected) correctly, and also correctly within your choice of ISA or GIA

Unfortunately it was the file that we used to send the email with confirmation of the successful bids that was wrong and we are very sorry for the confusion. We will shortly be sending you a new email with the correct amount for your information, however the details within the app are, and have always been, the correct amounts.

Do let me know if you have any further queries on this or if that email does not reach you soon

Please note that I’ve merged your earlier comments with this separate topic to make it easier to find for anyone else who was affected.


Just received the correction email :slight_smile:
Thanks @robert and co. for resolving quickly :pray: