Inconsistent design language in Track design

Good to hear that Robert. I found the app unnecessarily labyrinthic and difficult to navigate plus there is an inconsistent design language.

For example navigate to Track and note the design for Create your budget button. The next screen has a Continue button in a different style (and why is a whole screen given over to one simple question) then on the next screen we have an inactive ‘Save this budget’ button (I guess this is an inactive button until I do something). So what do I tap on next? Everything else on the screen is just text. There are actually two things but neither looks like an active button - one just says Income (why not ‘Add Income’) and the other is ‘Add an expense.’ That seems to be the most instructive so I hit it and slide into another screen. As soon as I enter a number, it tells me my income must be higher than my expense, so I have to go back again.

This time I tap on the word ‘Income’ (top left) but that doesn’t work so I tap on the other ‘Income’ and I slide into yet another screen. The cursor is flashing on the Amount £ field and the numerical keyboard is up and ready, but once I enter the amount, I’m stuck. There is no button to save. Well, there is but it’s hidden under the keyboard, despite there being so much space above the keyboard. After thinking it autosaves and going back a screen to discover it hasn’t I try again and eventually discover I have to push the keyboard away to reveal another ‘Save this budget’ button. Once I do so, I am taken back to the previous screen where the original ‘Save this budget’ button is still inactive. I have to ‘Add an expense’ and then this button becomes active. But when I hit it, nothing happens. Actually something is happening (it’s waiting for an API call I guess) but I have no feedback on this. After a few seconds of tapping the button it completes the task. I’m exhausted.

Great UX design doesn’t require users to think. It requires designers to think.

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Thanks so much for the feedback.

I have taken the liberty to move this into its own topic as it is not related to the original topic but is definitely useful feedback and others may have related thoughts to contribute.

I do understand your concerns here and we are working on improving many aspects of the app, so I will make sure this is passed on to the team doing this.

Thanks so much for the effort in putting this down in writing and sharing your thoughts


Thanks Robert - that’s a great attitude. I have a tech business running 21 websites and have produced multiple apps in the past so I know how hard UX is. It takes a while to get right but a lot less time if you are willing to quickly ‘kill your darlings’ and try again.


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