Include pending bonds (bond bids) in account overviews

At the moment pending bonds (bond bids) don’t appear in some account overviews within the app. I think they should, otherwise it gives the impression the money has vanished.

I’m thinking of the following places -

Profile > Your Money: I think bid amount should be included in Grow balance shown here

Grow > My Cash Savings > View Details: This page includes a section for active bonds. It should also have a section for the current pending bond (bond bid)


Isn’t there an entry for a pending bond in the ‘my bonds’ section? I have a hazy memory of it being there in grey or something - and being able to cancel it before the start date.

There is, but that only shows bonds.

I think it should also be included in the whole-account and whole-Grow overviews


Would also be good if the headline figure you see at the top of the Grow page is the total value of funds in Grow (cash savings + pending bonds + active bonds), instead of just cash savings balance.

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A similar issue seems to exist with the Invest tab. When you have an investment in pending stage the money/asset value is missing from the relevant summary pages (Your Money page & front page of Invest tab).

You have to drill down into the Invest goal to see the pending investment