Incident: card authorisations failing (28/09/2019)

We just published the following message on twitter:

We are very sorry if you have been inconvenienced. It seems that bank transfers still work OK, but if you are using your card, it may be that the transaction will be rejected.

We are in contact with our partner about the fix and hope we can update you with news very shortly.

We are advised that the issue with the card processor and transaction authorisations has now been fixed, so all transactions should be working again fine.

If you find any inaccuracies in your spend list, please let us know at and we will help to resolve these as soon as possible.

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Can I send a sincere message begging them to switch from GPS to literally anyone else?

Too many people are using them and I wholeheartedly believe it’s going to tarnish any form of hope you have of capturing market share. GPS just isn’t reliable and it ruins your image.

I assume the switch to Visa will also involve switching away from GPS? They mentioned that one of the goals was reducing reliance on a number of third parties.

@robert has mentioned before that they have no short-term plans to abandon GPS as they can’t bring it in-house