Improved budget tracking

The concept behind track is good, but the current implementation could be more useful.

I’m someone who budgets their entire income, so the week view is currently useless for me, and indeed annoying since I can’t budget all my income. I’m forced to have at least £1 unbudgeted, and my week view shows pennies per day.

  1. Allow budgets with no free cash.
  2. When there’s no free cash, hide the free cash budget in weekly view.
  3. Have week view also show a weekly version of selected (not all) monthly budget items. Eg. I might have an item for a monthly bill that makes no sense to break down in to weekly amounts, but I might also have a “lunch” item, which certainly makes sense to see “how much more can I spend on lunch this week”?
  4. Furthermore, some items (like work lunches) are “weekday-only” budgets, so it could do the appropriate split of the budget in to 5 days, with the weekend showing as “can spend £0”.

My way of budgeting, it’s important to have budget carry-overs month to month.

  1. When you underspend a budget item one month, the excess should appear to spend on that budget item the next month.

Budgets change over time, but past history should be set in stone.

  1. When you change your budget, looking back at the previous month should not show expenses within your budgets relative to the new budget, but should remain relative to how the budget was specified that month.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, for budgets to work effectively, transactions should automatically be categorised correctly and be detected as being for a particular budget item.

  1. When you change the category of a transaction, there should be an option where you say “always use this category in future for this merchant”.
  2. When you create a budget item and choose to “Add Merchant”, it should be possible to select from any merchant you’ve transacted with (without any delay).
  3. The list of Merchants should be filterable to show only those you’ve transacted with.