IFTTT rules: ideas and issues

I thought I might start a topic to look at anything related to IFTTT integrations.

We already have a number of rules set up in our channel and you can find these via the ‘view details’ button on the SAVE homescreen.

The incentives of these are savings rules might be either positive, rewarding good behaviour or making you feel better, or ‘absolutory’ (how’s that for trying to avoid the term ‘negative’?), for disincentivising bad behaviour.

We’d love to know how you are using them and to see if we might add the rules to the list. If you create your own applet, do share it here so others might add it.

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Is there any reason I can’t launch the IFTTT app from dozens, rather than being directed to Web login?

It would be handy if the ‘move to savings’ amount field was freeform rather than limited to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

On my existing daily spend account (that I would quite like to dump if I can find an alternative I like) I have an IFTTT rule to move £9 weekday mornings to ‘savings’ to cover my daily travel (which I pay on my Amex for the Avios and clear once a month). Having to have a £5 rule and a £4 rule works, but is a little clumsy.
I also have IFTTT buttons to move £5/£10/£20 to cover ad-hoc Amex spends. I’m now limited to multiple presses of a £5 button…

I’m having real problems getting anything IFTTT related to work. I’ve connected/disconnect multiple times, and tried creating via the Dozens app and the IFTTT website and app, but no luck.

I’ll try to contact you to go through this as I’m very interested in this experience.

Drop me a PM and maybe we can organise a call early next week?

Sure, sounds good

I believe this is because we need to authenticate your dozens account with IFTTT directly rather than just open the app. If you are not authorised then you will not be able to control the money transfers.

Once you have done that, you can manage your applets from the IFTTT app.

If you are moving money every week, then the best thing to do is actually to set up a “Weekly saving Boost” You can set this to happen any day of the week and for any amount you want, this does not need to be an IFTTT applet.

For ad-hoc savings you can click the ‘+’ button by your total to do a one-off boost of whatever amount you want

Once you’ve connected your dozens account to IFTTT you can also create your own applets.

Here are two that I’ve made for myself:

1: Travel home via Zone 2, save £1

As the dozens HQ is near Tower Bridge, the easiest way to get to work from my home is via London Bridge - along with 1,000,000 other commuters. It is closer, but much more expensive as it costs over £5 to travel to Zone 1

BUT … a short walk away is Wapping Station which is in Zone 2. Travelling here instead only costs £3.40 and I get to add a few hundred more steps to my daily count. So I’ve created a rule that when my phone enters a defined area around Wapping Station I transfer £1 to savings. Instead of giving £2 a day to TfL, I put it in my savings (for some new shoes, presumably).

2: If ISS passes over dozens HQ, save toward trip to space

I’m fascinated by Space stuff. I created a fun rule that puts £1 into my savings every time the International Space Station (or ISS) passes over dozens HQ. The idea is to save towards my own eventual trip to space …

… what I had not realised when I set it up is how often it passes over the UK! On some days it can happen man times a day. If you use it, watch out!

The good news is that if your account doesn’t have sufficient funds, the rules simply do not run. If you find you’ve ended up moving too much into the savings pot, you can quickly and easily transfer some funds (or ‘withdraw’ them) back into the spending pot.


Your #1 example is exactly mine - arrive at my office and move the money, as I don’t go to the office every day.
But by artificially limiting the amounts to be moved, I can’t move the full £9 in one go.
Why the restriction in the first place? If you decided to award yourself £6 instead of £1 you wouldn’t be able to either…

I did not create the actual trigger for our service, but I can imagine that there are security issues involved so you don’t accidentally move £500 instead of £5.00

However, it is still a good question so I will raise it internally and get back to you :slight_smile:

Not sure what the security issues might be, given you can only trigger movements within your own account and not payments to a 3rd party, so there is not really any inherent risk.

Hi @robert, I use IFTTT with my Fitbit. Daily steps goal and sleeping hours as triggers.

Have the following issue:

I’ve been trying to set up the £1 weekly saving challenge, but there’s no way to increase the amount saved each week by a pound, as far as I can see!

Is this your own applet or is there one you have found?

I’m creating my own, but it’s inspired by the Monzo applet :wink:

Then save
Week 1: £1, Week 2: £2… Week 52: £52

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Ahhhh!! Should of searched the forum first. I too have been trying to create this, along with the 1p Savings Challenge. I use them both to save over £2,150 each year!

I’m about to make the leap to move everything over to Dozens and this (other than keeping Direct Debits elsewhere) is the last step :slight_smile:

I looked at creating some variables, or even an external service which can return the week number or day number in an API, but so far no luck.

To combat this, I am looking at just switching back to weekly only and making the payments to savings manually on a Monday for the week ahead, according to a speadsheet.

It would be awesome if the Dozens team can also make the reverse applet, where you start saving £52 in week 1 and £3.65 on day 1, and slowly reduce the amount, so December isn’t such a slim month…


@tonyayp This might be useful?

Thanks - read it. I know about IFTTT, but I just find it not too relevant…?

Like save £5 when someone tweets. Save £5 when I use Uber?
It doesn’t feel to me as teaching me the right behaviours, I see it as a forced punishment to accumulate more money aside that I shouldn’t touch.

how do I know what rules really suit me? (behaviour and amount)

how do I get Dozens so that it really reward me based on my good behaviour leading to good financial outcomes?

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There’s a bit more to the IFTTT integration than “punishment”, but I do understand what you mean. We are working to make these more varied and we’re keen to find even more fun, creative and positive ways to use them.

This is an extract from our FAQs regarding savings rules for your information:

Switch on one of our Saving Rules and money will automatically move from your Current Account to your Cash Savings whenever something specific happens.

Saving rules can be used for different things:

– Rules that are regular

  • roundups – This will round up every transaction to the nearest pound and move that change into your cash savings.
  • monthly/weekly – This will move a set amount of money into your cash savings at particular intervals

– Rules that recognise when you’ve been good
These are rules that recognise when you have done something that has saved you money. For example, our ‘Hot saving’ rule will put some money aside every time you let your home temperature drop below 20°C. So, you get positively rewarded for turning the heating down and see your savings going up.

– Rules that encourage good habits
Or perhaps there’s another good habit in your life you want to instil? Why not use the ‘Fit Saver’ rule and save some money every time you achieve your calorie goals on Fitbit? Or perhaps setup the ‘Location Saver’ to save money every time you visit your gym (or even ‘tax’ yourself by saving when you visit the local takeaway!)

– Rules that are just for fun
Saving doesn’t need to be all about routines and predictability. Our savings rules can add an element of excitement. For example, “Rainy day funds” will save a pound each time it rains in London, so the drizzly days could save towards some time in the sun.

Or ‘Save a tweet’ could save every time your fave celeb tweets.

To enable these rules we’ve partnered with IFTTT – a service that uses ‘applets’ to connect different areas of your life. For most of the rules you will need to create an IFTTT account (IFTTT have absolutely no access to your financial data). For Roundups and monthly/weekly savings no IFTTT account is required.

Saving Rules can be found in the Grow section.

More of (1) travel via zone 2 is the kind of examples we need. It’s interesting how you connect up the data to reflect your behaviour in saving money.

It is not that easy for not so data-savvy people to ideate beyond this. I have done it but don’t know how to connect up the data points.