Iftt not working on Uber

Hi, i’ve Used Uber twice in the past week, and it doesn’t appear to have triggered the IFTT Rule. Is it user error or has anyone else experienced this?

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That’s interesting feedback

I don’t personally use Uber so haven’t been able to test it. Have you checked that the applet is turned on and that you have connected your Uber account to IFTTT?

If you have the IFTTT app you can see what rules were triggered and when, and sometimes it will also show errors. If it was not triggered it is probably about the Uber end, but if it WAS triggered but the Dozens account was not changed then it should show as an error.

I have personally noticed that IFTTT rules have been affected by battery-saving rules on many phones. If your battery-saving rules turn off background apps, it is possible that the IFTTT applet did not know it should be triggered, though this seems less likely with this Uber rule and mainly affects Location rules that rely on access to GPS on your phone.

Let me know if you find anything more about the above and we will see what else we can do to fix this and I would be interested to hear from others about whether this rule, or others, are working properly