If you were to choose a Dozens Invest Product…

…in todays conditions, which would be your preference?


Something inflation proof…


Remain unchanged. Market condition does not affect my portfolio construction. A portfolio is for decades, not for the weeks or months ahead.

In fact, a market decline means the stocks are cheaper to buy now than before, and the expected return has also gone up, because now I can buy more shares with the same amount of money. Since I’m still in the accumulation stage, I would welcome the market to go down even further, and stay low for years before booming again.

There’s no inflation proof investment product available on the public market. The NS&I has one, but it’s not available to new customers.

For most people, their best bet is try to beat the inflation (opposite to hedge against it) by investing in a risk-appropriate portfolio with expected return above the rate of inflation in the long run. That usually involves investing a large % of it in stock and shares.