How you felt

Under Spend shows like this:

When you look at the Unrated to see what you’ve missed it turns out that they cannot be rated:

Is this how it’s supposed to work?

Thats a bug for sure. We should be excluding those from the ratings altogether or letting you rate.

@Ally for our bug list.

PS: Thats some seriously happy spending there! Nicely done. :))

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Same occurs on Android :+1: :slight_smile:

What can I say? I’m happy with eating out :yum: investing, entertainment, and shopping :+1:

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Hi @ColinR,

I’d be interested to get your feedback on my thread here which discusses want V’s need spending instead of happy/sad categorisation…

Did you Need to spend £38 in Hotel Chocloat or did you Want to…:wink: (depends on who it was for and what wrongs may have been righted through the power of chocolate…lol!)

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I was sent some money in a card but haven’t paid the cash in just yet :wink:

Also bought one of their Easter eggs and used a voucher to get 5% off the total bill. :winning:

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Now thats what I call a good piece of chocolate expenditure!! :drooling_face:


Yeah, 500g is going to take a while to get through!

Try telling my wife that!! :wink::wink: