How to ... switch the community to 'Dark Mode'

This was a much requested feature, so with the latest changes to the design of the community, we have added a ‘Dark Mode’, although the default will remain the Light / White version.

To switch or preview the Dark Mode, go to your Preferences (you will need to be logged in) by clicking on your avatar in the menu, then clicking on your name.

Go to ‘Interface’ and change the selection in the first box to ‘Dozens Dark’


The community will now look different and hopefully put less strain on your eyes so you can spend longer reading and replying


Will this get triggered automatically on iOS ?

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Very good point!

Yes, it should, though I’ve not tested it (on iOS). Can you check for me?

The site should switch your template to Dozens Dark automatically when you have Dark Mode enabled on your phone or even your desktop. It will then switch back when you exit that mode.

Edit: the theme will switch automatically for those who use Dark Mode on their devices. If you prefer to have it stick with your choice, then scroll to the bottom of the ‘Interface’ page and click the box to ‘Disable automatic Dark Mode theme switching’

It works - at least on Samsung / Android.

Here’s a demo:

Works on iOS too :wink: tested by changing from sunrise/sunset to a custom time earlier than :now:


I’ve had to disable automatic dark mode theme switching. For some reason it always switched dozens to the light theme in the discourse app on my phone, despite my phone being set to dark mode.

You can switch it manually, so no need to have it set to automatic - I’ll look into it though

Exactly what I have done. Just thought I should let you know :blush:

Anyone else having problems with this? I switch the theme, it flashes to dark mode, then says ‘Switching Themes’ then flashes back to light mode :frowning:

Can you make sure you tick the:

Disable automatic Dark Mode theme switching

As this will take instructions from your phone settings to change when ‘night mode’ is on

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That’s got it! Thanks, Rob!

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