How to keep your money safe from Coronavirus-related fraud

Please read and share this post with friends and family to help them keep their accounts safe at this difficult time. If you’ve come across any of these scams, please take care.

We’ll try to keep this topic updated with any new threats we hear about.


This is a useful episode from the Bunker Daily podcast

Useful info! The #COVID crisis has been a godsend to fraudsters. The brilliant @alexisconran of BBC3’s Real Hustle tells @pimlicat about the new scams – and how to beat them.

Conran vs Conman, out now:

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Is there a fraud team in dozens?

Yes, there are people here who deal with this area. We’re a small team still. Did you have a question?

Yes I have run into a scam, where someone has received funds from me but had now blocked me in everything and hasn’t send my product how would I go about this

  • Janelle.

Sorry to hear this. Please write to the customer service team in the app or via email with the details and they’ll take it from there.

I have nothing has been done and no progress has been made it’s been 3 days and I haven’t got a response

Another kind of scam to look out for

Just to point out in that one

HMRC,, or Public Health England

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