How much of your life is stored on your mobile?

A pretty basic question, with a much deeper meaning…

During my numerous years working for a certain mobile manufacturer I came across the problem time and time again on a job ticket “customer needs personal data saved before repair / reflash please.”
Probably 80% of the time this was impossible to do, either because of a faulty memory chip or a totally dead handset which would only spring to life after a process known as “dead flashing” which basically erases and rewrites everything onto the handset memory.

The moral of my story is this…

For the love of G*d keep a backup ( or two, in separate locations ) of ALL your personal data, contacts, photos, voice messages, passwords etc etc. if you are unfortunate enough to have to send your phone away for repair your data will not, 99% of the time, still be on your phone when it’s returned.

If anyone needs assistance or advice feel free to shout.


Surely now we have ‘the cloud’ gone are the days of backing up to hard disks?

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Agreed, the problem with the cloud is people forget access passwords to their cloud accounts and some can be really finicky when an account is accessed from a new device. I had a case in point only last week, a personal friend got a new handset and wiped his old one before he had used the authentication app on his old handset to generate an access code allowing the new handset to access the data. Result? He’s still waiting to be allowed access now.

My whole life is on my mobile and it’s all backed up via iCloud.

Before the cloud I used to sync my whole phone to my PC so if it did go wrong I wouldn’t really lose much.

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My entire life is stored on my mobile phone. A few years ago i was completely lost when my phone broke.

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New phone arrives tomorrow, I might need to call on you for advice

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Sure, if you need help just shout or shoot me a PM if you’d rather.

I keep two backups just in case, one in the cloud and one encrypted locally, I’m old school and don’t trust the cloud 100%

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Thank you. new phone has arrived going till wait until I have some time to myself in the morning .

No problem. I’m having a well deserved day off tomorrow, but will be lurking on the net