How long do transactions out of my account take?

Planning to use my Dozens card this afternoon so just moved some money out of the account to check it works fine. How long does this usually take to land in my Monzo account?


Haven’t done that move but to legacy bank and in reverse it was about 10 seconds. Did you get the “Transaction Successful” pop-up? R-

No, it just closed the transfer screen.

Looks like it failed for some reason. Is the transaction showing in your Dozens track/balance? R-

Yes, but not in my Monzo.

I’ve just transferred in both directions and both took just a few seconds. See if @robert can throw any light? R-

If it doesn’t go through will it be returned to my account? Thanks

That’s why you need to contact Dozens. When I screwed up it took some manual intervention to sort it out. That may have been just because it was early days and it is automated now. R-

@dipperdolphin Starling/Dozens and vice versa are virtually instant.

I transferred Monzo to Dozens and it took about 2 hours. (Other way round was quicker.)

I did a transfer from my Dozens account to Monzo about 45 minutes ago and it’s still not showing in Monzo.

Edit: I should add that I’ve done a transfer previously and it worked instantly, so it looks like something could be going wrong now.

It should be there pretty fast. I’ve found that incoming transfers are virtually instant and outgoing take 15 minutes max ( to Starling )

It finally hit my Monzo account after 15 hours. I’d messaged someone through the app last night and was told it would be investigated, not had a follow up yet though. Would be good to get some more information on what happened.

Do Dozens have a systems status page at all?

Same here, just received it.

A few days ago, I made a Barclays to dozens transfer. Seconds after pressing Confirm, I went to dozens app to check how much was there so I would notice the change.

Waited 1 hour, 2 hours, started to worry, thought about my options, considered calling dozens, overreacting (that’s my default approach in these matters).

I then realised it had been in dozens in along, arrived before I had even switched apps. Credit to both sides for that sort of speed!


That’s very strange. Faster Payment Service transfers should take 2 hours max, unless of course someone at Dozens is authorising them manually, which I seriously doubt. 15 hours is no good at all.

Glad to hear speed is going well for happy paths :slight_smile: any delays or manual steps only kick in if it triggers one of our monitoring rules. We take our AML obligations super seriously so have set up more rules than normal for the early days, just to observe behaviours. Vast majority of the manual checks go through within a few hours.

Understand once we are used to instant transfers, a particular payment taking longer is slightly frustrating - indeed I think we had someone close their account because they were on the receiving end of this. But in the world of electronic payments, I see it as sort of a social tax that we all must be ok with, to ensure the bad actors cannot use good players to cleanse their money. No different to security checks at the airport - irritating for most but still required for everyone.


I must say I disagree in part with your reasoning. There are banks / financial institutions much larger than Dozens who process many times the amount of FPS transactions on a daily basis who don’t seem to affect as many customers.
I mean, I’m all in favour of security checks, anti money laundering measures etc etc. Indeed my old high street bank were very quickly on the phone to me if something out of the ordinary happened on my account, which I would expect, and the problem transaction was processed almost instantly, but to leave customers in the dark and make them take the time to have to contact Dozens to find out where their funds have gone seems a rather amateurish approach IMHO. Only at one other time have I seen this problem, when all of my PayPal withdrawals were being withheld for exactly 12 hours, one phonecall to them sorted the problem out and it’s never happened again. I have a feeling that you’re going to lose more customers if this continues.


Same here. Never had a transaction held from either my Monzo account or my Lloyd’s account.


I’ve had a few large value ones queried by Barclays in the past but they were on the phone to me within seconds and sorted out in under two minutes.