How come there's a card name?

I went through the setup yesterday and the longest time was probably spent on the prompt asking me to name my new card. I ended up just naming it JensCard as I couldn’t think of anything else really. The whole notion seemed a bit odd to me and just ended up making me spend some extra energy in an otherwise frictionless process - not sure what value it adds?

I can see it being useful if I had several different cards and needed to distinguish between then somehow - but as it stands I only have the one.


I think this is going to be geared towards when there are child/joint/business accounts, so you can distinguish between them

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Do we know if this will end up being editable?

would be amazing if @robert could work out allowing us to have nothing in the card name

Ended up naming mine “shareholder” and N/A

It’s editable for me now

Yes, the card names have been editable for some months. What we cannot do it leave this blank at the moment.

The cards are set up to have a title, and this will become increasingly important as the options in this space become wider (for example with the possibility of virtual cards, or other account types).