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Hi All long time no see… I was wondering if it were possible to swap the iOS icon colours so the Yellow is black and the Do is the Yellow? If not any chance someone could swap the colours of the icon an upload it please?

Just think it would look good for Black card holders.

Interesting … so have a different home button that is sensitive to whether you have the upgraded account or not?

Hmmm… could be fun.

I’m sure the brand guardians (of which I’m meant to be one) might have something to say about consistency, but I like the idea.

I’ll pass that on.

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Yeah that or even if it is not in the app just one that can be changed using iOS shortcuts?

This is what i was talking about



Except it would have to be grey on black as mango on black is dead.

Yes, that is why the brand design coordination is tough

In fact today it would be varnished black letter on matt black background … but not sure that works as an icon

However, the concept of being able to update the icon is still a good one so you never know what people might come up with