"Holidays are Coming..."

It’s getting to that time of year again…

Soon we’ll be immersed in Christmas music, decorations and mince pies for a two whole months! :christmas_tree: :santa:

The expectation to make Christmas perfect seems to go up and up - but more troublingly, so does the cost. Christmas can be a hard time to keep financially well.

A couple of years ago my family decided to make a change. We decided to stop buying gifts for everyone and replace it with Secret Santa. Now, we only get one present worth up £20, it’s cheaper for everyone and cuts waste.

So, in the run up to Christmas - what changes, big or small, have you made to make Christmas more affordable? Any tips to share?

And let’s have a vote to settle it once and for all… when should Christmas music actually be allowed to play in the shops?

  • October - I love it!
  • Early November - when it starts to get chilly :cold_face:
  • Late November
  • December only, thank you!

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Can we have a never (Bah humbug) option? :slight_smile:

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Is your savings tip not taking part in Christmas at all, @mimote ? :wink:

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Now if only that were an option … In reality though I like what you do, I just find it all too commercial and people get so stressful. It should be about family and friends coming together in my opinion.

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Love that idea @RobD, maybe I’ll have to put that forward to my family!
My savings tip is to limit to £20 for family members and I buy most of my gifts during black Friday sales and Amazon days.

Black Friday is the best for xmas pressies!

I’ve started to buy second-hand and vintage things which is great because I often find more unique pieces!


I want to vote “all year around” :smiley:

Shops should be allowed to play any music they want to play, at any time of the year. As of whether people will custom their shop in January would be a different discussion :stuck_out_tongue:

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