Helpdesk / ticketing system - client access

I raised a ticket recently and not had much of a resolution or feedback on it. I guess you’re busy, I know you’re busy and I ask difficult questions. However as a customer I’m just staring into my e-mail inbox not seeing much dozens movement.

As you are working with Zendesk, is there a customer access? It gives me the reassurance that I can at least see that nobody has closed this ticket - there is an update I may have missed in my full inbox with many spam filters. I have worked with companies that did that in the past and I find it useful and beneficial as a client.


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Yes, we do indeed use Zendesk for our ticketing system

As far as I know, we don’t currently offer a separate portal for accessing support tickets but I will ask about this to see how this might be developed.

When we update or close a ticket, we send you an email update so you would be alerted. There are some tickets that may take longer than others, particularly where a fix requires some development input, so it might be that this is the case. Let me look into it