Help us create our next social post!

Hey dozens community! :wave:

This is my first post here. My name is Sheza and I work as a designer at dozens. This week I’ve been focusing on our social media presence.

We would love to post some pictures of our lovely community members with their cards. :dozens_card: If you would like to take part, just snap a selfie or a video with your card and send it over here. Make sure you hide your card number.

If you don’t like posting your responses here, feel free to DM them to me. We are looking to post this next week, so please send them over by Monday.

If you send us an image/ video of you with your dozens card, please can you confirm that you are happy for us to use the image in our social media pages, on our website, or in any other dozens materials? We won’t disclose your name (and will make sure any card details are blanked out). We’ll also make sure your image is deleted from our internal systems by end of March.

Looking forward to seeing your lovely photos/ videos!



You’re never too old to be 12 again

(Current age - between 5 and 6 dozens!)
Fintech ain’t just for the young :wink:

All yours.


I haven’t done my make up today, but here’s a better looking member of the house…



But that’s not a selfie… :joy:

Looking thoroughly disheveled after work :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks everyone who responded already! I loved looking at your lovely shots over the weekend. There is still some time to send over a photo or a video, so don’t hesitate to snap a selfie with your card and post it here or DM it to me. :slightly_smiling_face: :dozens_card: :selfie:

Really like this one, thanks Colin! :star_struck:
Agree with you, age is just a number :wink:

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Too cute! :dog:

Thanks Andy! I like the creative approach, but we might not be able to use this one due to copyright reasons. There’s still some time to send over pictures, so feel free to give it another go. :blush:

Love the shirt! :sunglasses:

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Just needs a bit of flipping magic, I’ve used Camera+ On it for you:

And deleted it from my phone.

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Me too!

My old manager used to get pretty disappointed whenever I didn’t go into the office with a Jurassic Park themed tee-shirt on… I actually only have 2 Jurassic Park/Jurassic World themed tee-shirts that only get worn once a fortnight, but this is the only tee anyone seems to remember :joy:

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OOh that’s great thanks @ColinR :+1:

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Huge thanks to everyone for their photos! You can see the post here >


Woo - Always lead with the animals! :smiley: :dog:

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He is soooo instagrammable :heart_eyes: