Have you seen our social media?!

Hi everyone! :wave:

My name is Julia (but everyone calls me JuB- pronounced Ju-bee). I started working at Dozens in March and can now proudly say I am looking after all our social media content :raised_hands:.

If any of you have met me at one of our events you know I love to talk and I have magically made communicating a job as well as a passion. So whether it’s a tweet about an article we were featured in, or a LinkedIn post explaining how our bonds work, the Comms team and I are always looking to share everything we’re up to with all our followers.

You may already follow us on social, or perhaps you’ve never seen any of our posts. Either way, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Let us know what could we be doing more of? What do you like seeing in your feed? What needs more explaining on our social media?

We began making Dozens with over 300 of you and I don’t think this should be any different. You are our community after all.

Comment below and if you like what you see feel free to :heart: to let me know.

Here are the links to our social media channels to take a look:



hiya @JuB :wave:

I have to say I’m very excited to have you take part here in the community as well.

You’ve always managed to make our message so accessible when chatting to customers for the TPMS and in your videos, so it will be great to have more of that here too.

We’ve got a lot of fintech experience and knowledge among community members, so it would be great for me to see some of these voices in conversation on social as well as here in the community. I wonder what ‘financial education’ topics we could cover that folks could chime in with?

We get lots of great questions, so maybe we need to share some of these topics to social media too, so more potential customers can learn about how Dozens works.


The whole social media thing is a hard one TBH, as it’s a very thin line between giving a few tips and nagging, fair promotion of a product and intrusion. I think Dozens is doing quite well (most times, some of the ‘‘advertorial’’ style posts were a tad OTT or out of line), especially compared to the other fintechs, who tend to be a bit more on the patronising side.

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Hi Tor!

Thank for replying and letting me know some of your thoughts.

I agree that communicating the right message to our followers is a big responsibility and we want to do it right! For me, I try to be as transparent as possible when creating a post and want to let people have a bit of a window into our life at Dozens a bit like when you guys came into the office for our first Community event. What do you think would give that same familiar feeling on our social media (without having to invite all our 20k customers to squeeze in the office)?


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It does sound just like the right approach, not sure how to replicate it on SM, frankly. I loved the vids you folk did on the old comm, just the team talking about specific issues, maybe that, announcing the subject, asking for questions, and making the vid once you have enough content? Not as interactive as a face to face, but… One of the strengths that Dozens has is their nonsensical approach to the field, warts and all, and that really should carry on, and picking some of the hard questions could show that you are not just a bunch of people looking at the optimal curve, but acknowledge the mistakes made on the way. More relatable then

These are some great suggestions! Videos do add a bit of a personal touch so I’ll keep this in mind. Hope you enjoyed our last AskAC with Juno the dog running around!


Met the very friendly beastie at your popup. Have to say, pets at work are a brilliant way to keep stress away (well, apart from the IT folk that is :stuck_out_tongue: ). Still firmly on TeamCat though…

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An office cat would be great! Let’s hope they get on though. :heart_eyes_cat: :dog:

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We’re trying something new this week and a bit of fun so I thought it was worth sharing here - you are the experts after all



3 across - ‘Something’ chat (Help Chat?? - not clear in the App what this would be either as its just referred to as ‘chat’)
4 across - IFTTT Rules
7 across - Mango
9 across - Spending Visuals
10 across - Zero

1 down - Split This Cost
2 down - saving rules
5 down - Round Up Payments
6 down - Track (the clue says its a 4 letter word not 5 BTW)
8 down - Freeze

@robert how did I do? :wink:


You don’t think I know the answers, do you? :wink:

I am told this is very close, but not 100% (Your #9 doesn’t fit with other answers I don’t think?)

For 3, you might consider that this is (usually) … not asynchronous

Of course - 9 across - Spending Heatmap

as for 3 - im stumped!

3 across - Live Chat!!!


Well done @afreeb you got them all right! Our next crossword will have to be a little bit harder methinks…