Have you recently been anywhere for the first time?

A conversation with my kids had me reminiscing about my own childhood holidays, and made me wonder about heading to these places for the first time.

I’ve been to many places in my life, and I definitely have favourites. Now that I’ve discovered them, I long to repeat the lovely experiences - whether relaxing with family in coastal Canada, or sipping wine in Spanish hilltop towns, or maybe kayaking on gentle French rivers (nothing TOO strenuous - I might get the picnic wet) …

Is there somewhere you’ve been to recently for the first time? Will you be going back, or was it meant to be a “unique” experience? Maybe you have plans for this summer?

Not so much a first time, but a first as an adult, had to drop in to Singapore on my way east. Not much fun as was on a serious schedule, but it felt way too unchaotic for my tastes.

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Oooh, I’ve never been to Singapore but I’ve had loads of friends visit and love it. The photos always look stunning.

It doesn’t have to be a foreign “place” though. I remember the first time I went to the Scilly Isles for example. That was an amazing adventure as I was lucky enough to go on the sleeper train to Penzance, then fly over to St Marys to land on one of the world’s weirdest airports (on a hill), then take a boat-taxi to the hotel.

Sadly that was a few years ago now, but these are the moments that open your mind to new ways of seeing the world.

I’m currently working in Italy and for once I got to see a bit more of the country, I got to see The Santuary of Padre Pio which for any Italian hes one of the most famous saints and the whole city is just all him everywhere, was a very lovely place to visit. So not a new country, but definitely something new.

I’ll have a few more new places but only in Italy this year. Although I am so tempted to escape for the winter somewhere, two weeks in the sun sounds nice, so that will be somewhere new. I just need to decide where and if its viable.

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Doing Prague for the first time next week on my own… Combined with a train trip to Budapest (first time there too) for the F1 Hungarian GP… Again never been to a F1 race.

So alot of a first time for everything there all crammed into 1 week. Cacking my pants to say the least by going it alone, but it’ll be fun I’m sure and a experience.


Very, very true, but it doesn’t even have to be to a place you haven’t been to per se. I keep discovering weird and wonderful places in London, and some of them do feel rather strange refrains from making a joke about south of the river.

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really good point - and on the subject of discovering and London … I’m very tempted to go on a walk like this - the hidden rivers, or the underground streets and stations of London are fascinating:



Have you seen the exhibition at the museum of London (the docklands one)? Or are a fan of the Aaronovitch books?