Grow statements

This may be a silly question, but how do I get a statement for what I currently hold on Grow? I can only find Spend statements in the app

You can’t get a transaction list or statement for Grow within the app

You receive an annual statement by email following end of each tax year. The last one I received was sent on 21 June (subject line “Your annual Cash Savings statement”)

I assume something like this could be requested on-demand through support over a variable date range, but I’ve never tried.

Disappointingly the statement doesn’t differentiate between ISA and GIA balance or transactions so not particularly useful to those with both.

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Yes, apparently the “relevant team” is now producing a Grow statement for me

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Hi @Gaoler Glad to see you’ve been in contact with the team. This feature is on our roadmap, and I’ve contacted the team to see if there is a time frame this :+1: