Grow figure on dash is incorrect

Loaded £200 in account, moved £100 into savings (via button widget on android), then decided to withdraw £5 back into account as a monthly £5 will drop into savings tomorrow.

Main dash shows £105 in account (correct), within grow tab it show’s £95 (correct), but the grow visualisation on the dash still shows £100. It should show £95. This was about 5 hours ago now, should have updated.


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Hi @PhilA - welcome to the community

Thanks for this insight. This is actually the correct behaviour for that particular ‘card’.

The goal of these home-page cards is to highlight specific activity rather than just your balances. You can already get your balance in a number of ways, including on the Dozens home (you can click the down chevron below your balance to see the balance in your cash savings and your investments for example).

The yellow ‘Grow’ card shows the amount that has been ADDED to your cash savings whether manually, automatically (via rules) or through any bond interest payments.

We want to celebrate the fact that you managed to put money aside whatever you then decided to do with this amount. This figure is important since it includes all the small amounts from IFTTT rules or roundups that accumulate over time and you might otherwise not realise are having a cumulative effect.

Of course, you may have then used some of this amount you’ve put aside, either as a withdrawal, or maybe by buying an investment, and this will be reflected in your balance, but not on this ‘card’.

In your case, you put £100 into your cash savings and this will not change this month unless you add more, but your balance is £95. If you click on ‘Grow’ you will see that reflected at the top of the page as well as in the graph.

Does this make sense?

This was actually raised a couple of times during the trailblazer period too. The fact that several people have raised the point perhaps suggests that the behaviour of the card is not intuitive, or at least, not immediately.

Personally, I never expected the card to show my Grow balance. However, it would feel more useful to me if it showed the net change in the grow balance for this month, so everything added this month minus everything withdrawn this month. In my opinion, this would be a better representation of the users activity in that area.


that’s indeed a possibility

it would be a shame though if, for example, you moved in £50, managed to save £36 via IFTTT rules (let’s assume it was a wet month but Trump was hardly tweeting), and roundups added £23.10 but you had successfully bid for a £100 bond with this cash.

You would have put aside £109.10 but your card would only show £9.10

The point of the card is to recognise the overall effort you have made, not to calculate a balance you can get elsewhere. In fact there is no other place to see the total of your IFTTT and roundup contributions in a month

What might be better would be to have a card that ONLY showed your automatic cash savings totals and not voluntary movements in & out. That is something I’ve discussed with the team.

This is true, although it could be argued that because the bond is in Grow (assuming you meant the trust bond) it shouldn’t count against that.

This could potentially be a good alternative :+1:


Hi everyone, I’m new here having just started testing out Dozens and being redirected here from the Monzo community. :wave:

This was one of the first things I noticed and took to be an ‘issue’ before learning it was intentional on the developers’ part.

Completely agree it just comes across as incorrect. I hate giving negative feedback and I can see the idea behind it which is fair enough but I’m just not feeling it. Perhaps it’ll grow on me. If not, I hope some of the ideas and alternatives outlined in this thread will be considered further along the line. :crossed_fingers:

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This. I like this. :eyes:

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thanks for joining us over here @kate

We do hear you on this. The cards that are visible on the Home page are about to be looked at and you might see some new ones arriving soon, and we can take a look at this particular issue and see if we can make it clearer at the same time

keep the feedback coming - it is not ‘negative’ to have these discussions if it is constructive and something we can learn from, but we can also explain that there are sometimes reasons for this so it is not a mistake

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Thanks, looking forward to seeing what’s next! :blush: I just didn’t want to seem like I’m focusing on the ‘bad parts’ because as I said in the post over on Monzo Community, there are a lot of elements I really love and I think Dozens has a lot of potential. :star_struck:

Definitely not giving up on Mango Yellow. :yellow_heart: