Greater resolutions for 2020

It is fun to finally have gone through a whole year and have the chance to look back at conversations 12 months ago and see what has changed.

12 months ago to the day, when I first posted about this, there were still VERY few of you in this community (and yet it is interesting to see that @Albatross is still an active participant after all this time - thanks!!).

Dozens had yet to launch and give you a chance to see Track in action, to invest in Bonds or ETFs via the Invest section, or even just spend money on a Dozens card. This was all still speculation.

I’m not sure we got very far with creating any resolutions to check back on, but maybe you’d be willing to share any plans you have for this year?

My own plan was to make a concerted effort to save money, and minimise my carbon-footprint, on my energy usage. I’m glad to say that my household electricity usage was reduced by around 25% and my gas usage by 15% thanks to investing in solar panels, a diverter, and an efficient hot water tank. I call that a sizeable win.

This year’s goal will be to continue that trend (though it will be harder), and to focus on building a small investment holding that will help me financially, but also contribute to the carbon-footprint minimisation goal (feels good to achieve two goals at the same time).

What about you?


Ah shucks, thanks for the mention :smiley: those 12 months have flown by :exploding_head:

I believe my resolution last year was to try and build some savings and reduce my reliance on credit. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to achieve this.

I was doing great with the savings, building up several different forms of savings, right up until November when I moved into my new place and had to drain a bunch of savings to get furniture and appliances and such.

I wasn’t doing amazingly well with reducing my reliance on credit, I was still dropping heavily into overdraft every month, but my credit card balances were slowly working their way down. Then came November and both cards ended up maxed out again, and I got a new credit card :man_facepalming:

It’s also my first time having to pay bills myself and crikey they can get expensive :joy:

I am hoping that this year, since I now have the basics that I need for my flat, that I can actually achieve what I set out to do last year.


Travel by :steam_locomotive: in Europe instead of :airplane:. Retiring soon so don’t mind taking time to get wherever I’m going.

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You inspired me to look into this @ColinR

First stop (one of the few train routes that immediately springs to mind) … The Orient Express.


FROM £3600 per person from London to Venice

Norwich > London
Eurostar to Paris
Paris > Barcelona
AirBnB overnight so next day
Barcelona > Algeciras
High speed catamaran over to Tangier

Journey can be as much fun as destination :wink:

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I should have started with looking at prices for the Eurostar :slight_smile:

Not sure I’m the kind of traveller that considers that many changes “fun” (if I’m honest), but I admit those destinations are appealing.

Am thinking of a trip for a special anniversary next year, so hence starting with the luxurious option… however, it will take me a LOT of IFTTT rules and roundups to save enough for that!!

Have a look at seat61 for inspiration.

Doesn’t have to be Orient Express both ways - “London to Venice by VSOE, back by TGV & Eurostar…”


Thanks for the link, that site looks incredibly helpful for European train travel. I’m surprised I haven’t come across it yet.

I’m hoping to travel Europe (at least some of the parts we haven’t seen) with my girlfriend, although I think that’s more likely going to be a 2021 thing.

Dozens bonds are helping to stash away some money for it, I just have to resist spending the interest on nice lunches :grin:. I’ve yet to explore all the smart rules, which I’m sure can help me get there quicker.

But mostly the focus for now is finishing university strongly and getting a graduate job :slight_smile:.


Saw this article and thought of these resolutions:

I actually love sleeper trains. I’ve taken them from London to Penzance a few times (I was working on the beautiful Isles of Scilly for a while - that’s another resolution - must go back and visit!!) and have taken it from Milan to Vienna a couple of times well.

Anyone else love the overnight train?