Google pay

I used to be an Iphone user and I switched to Android recently and had to learn the hard way that the nifty top up with google pay option does not exist! I was able to top up with apple pay and I used that very frequently. Also do you know when google pay will be allowed as a payment method? Thanks a lot!


Hi @Isabella

welcome to the world of Android :slight_smile:

Top-up via GooglePay is coming very soon. We’ve been in some discussions with Google about all sorts of integrations (as anyone who wants to work with them in any way has to do) and so we hope that this will all be sorted very soon.

Using GooglePay (ApplePay, etc) for transactions is different and will still be a bit longer. It is very much something that will happen as soon as we can, but is dependent on some other developments we are still working on which will hopefully help with all sorts of integrations