Getting started on wearedozens

First time here? Feeling a bit lost?

We’ve put together a few tips on how best to navigate your way through the site:

Look around

Get posting

  • Reply: Hit the reply button to get chatting on any posts that grab your interest.

  • Create: Start a new topic of conversation.

  • Flag: If a post is off-topic , inappropriate, spam, or if something else doesn’t sit quite right, flag it :black_flag:

  • Bookmark: For those “I’ll need that later!” moments, bookmark posts you’d like to save for another read.

Your profile

  • Edit: You can upload a profile picture, and let us know a bit more about you in your ‘About me’ section.

  • Check: Look at the badges you’ve earned, the messages sitting in your inbox, and more!

Hope this is helpful, folks :slight_smile: